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    nurse shibe

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  9. Anonymous said: could you give some top secret information behind the thinking / script of your last film?

    tbh i don’t really remember the reason i did it. i just wrote it one night at school about half a year ago and decided to dig it up recently. i think i was kinda lookin’ to make a really surreal experience. that was it really

  10. hey so i’ve had this film in the pipeline called “beautiful mind, ugly world” since the beginning of this year and in a few days i can finally release it! it’s 16 minutes of pure miraduel and it’s gonna be something really cool and special... hopefully! but… i’m super scared that it’s only going to get 4 views…. soo…. this is just me here to say “hey remember me???” I hope u guize enjoy it because i think it serves as a cool lil’ personal mind bubble thing.
    i’m out!! cya!!

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    Psychedelic explosion

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    this is my room 

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    I could stare at this forever

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