1. just1nbartl3y said: I understand that some youtubers delete their videos because they don't feel it accurately represents what they want to produce, but damn your vlogs were nice to watch

    thanks for the sentiment, man!!


  2. Anonymous said: I know it's totally up to you but I hope u might think about making some of ur older videos public again, I rly love watching them!

    hmmmm i don’t think i’d ever do that :/ but thank you!! maybe in 50 years time i’ll re-edit them and remaster them and then release a miraduel 50th anniversary box-set with all the old classics on it! i’ve considered starting vlogging again and sometimes i think it would be fun, but for some reason i just really don’t have any energy to do it anymore, which sucks


  3. 504pm said: just wanted to say you are extremely talented:)))

    oh woah thank you!!


  4. Anonymous said: Hey what's your mbti?

    i don’t really remember. it’s something like introverted, feeling something something

    it doesn’t really make sense anyway. my personality changes like every week ha


  5. Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that I've been following your work for awhile and beautiful mind, ugly world hit me on so many facets that I couldn't explain. thank u for metamorphosing creatively into the prettiest YouTube butterfly I have ever seen!!!!!!

    holy moly thank you!!!! ^_^

  6. rocknrollfuldead:


    CJ is an artist from Fort Worth, Texas who posts on Tumblr under the name falln2fade. He uses various methods to produce 2D images that he uses as texture maps on 3D objects. For animations, he either animates the map along one or two axis or cycles through the colour spectrum on a rendered still image.


    click to trip balls

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    *uses “u” and “you” in the same sentence*

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    Odilon Redon - “…And a huge bird, descending from the sky, hurled itself against her crown of hair…” Plate III from the portfolio Temptation of Saint Anthony (first series). 1888